Oregon Worker Relief Infrastructure Fund

Covid-19 Response


The Oregon Worker Relief Fund will replace up to 60% of lost wages for Oregonians who, due to their or a family member’s immigration status, are disqualified from receiving unemployment or stimulus benefits during the Covid-19 crisis. The Oregon Worker Relief Infrastructure Fund is building the backend of the system to deliver those payments. Currently, Oregon lacks the infrastructure to help the more than 75,000 immigrant families that have fallen through the relief cracks, and the state has no budget to build one. MRG Foundation is leading the infrastructure initiative, in partnership with CAUSAPCUNLatino NetworkAPANO, and Innovation Law Lab. Together, they are building both the technology to track (anonymously) and disburse payments and also administering capacity building funding to the over 100+ grassroots organizations across the state that are connecting immigrant families to these relief funds.

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